Today, August 1, is World Lung Cancer Day

Today, August 1, is World Lung Cancer Day

The American Lung Association acknowledges those who have been touched by lung cancer. An estimated 228,000 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013, but thanks to advances in medicine through research, the army of survivors grows every year.

Research: As part of the American Lung Association’s continuing efforts to find cures and improved treatments for lung cancer, the organization will be funding more than $850,000 for lung cancer research through its Lung Cancer Discovery Awards. Nine researchers from across the United States will be working to make a difference in patient’s lives as we continue to strive for improved treatments and early detection of the disease.
Studies currently being funded include:

• validating a biomarker to determine who will respond to lung cancer treatment;
• improving personalized treatment for lung cancer, using tiny particles [nanoparticles] to hone in on specific cancers;
• and identifying the mechanisms by which tobacco leads to the cancerous transformation of lung cells.

Screening: Earlier this week the American Lung Association released a statement in support of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) for releasing its draft lung cancer screening recommendations. In this announcement, the USPSTF is recommending annual low-dose CT screening for individuals at high risk for lung cancer. Questions about lung cancer screening? Learn more.

Support: The American Lung Association is also committed to supporting lung cancer patients and their caregivers. Facing Lung Cancer: Support from Day One is an invaluable support resource with accessible, easy-to-understand information. This website offers support and guidance for people facing lung cancer no matter where they are in their journey.

Also, be sure to visit the Lung Connection, a free online support community, and the join Living with Lung Cancer group to share experiences and support with peers.

Videos: A unique feature of the Facing Lung Cancer site, is the Interactive Library, a collection of informative videos. In the latest video, “Navigating Lung Cancer: Stories of Support” patients and caregivers share their experiences in an effort to help others through the emotional and physical challenges of the disease. 

Another video, Your Profile, Your Goals, guides users through an interactive process. Viewers are prompted to answer questions about their specific lung cancer at designated decision points throughout the video. Based upon their responses, users then proceed to a video section tailored to their specific needs. At the end of the video, the user can print out a tailored and personalized list of questions for discussion with their care team.

Please support the American Lung Association by making a donation today.