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Please note: For individuals who are not current patients of RMC, any contact with our practice via the website does not create a patient-physician relationship, and does not make the submitter a patient of RMC.

If this is a medical emergency, call 911. We recommend that if you need treatment for any acute illness or need refills for medications, you make an appointment to see the physician.

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For general questions, appointments, administrative questions, or if you have an issue regarding your account or insurance, please call our main line or contact us by email here.

Current patients who wish to communicate with Dr Haber regarding their care may email him here.

We do NOT respond to any acute illness or medication refill requests on our email system. Email responses may take up to one business day and are not appropriate for use in an emergency. Please note that a service provider might delay message delivery. Should you require urgent or immediate attention, this medium is not appropriate. When sending email, please put the subject of your message in the subject line so we can process it more efficiently. Also, be sure to put your full name, date of birth, and return telephone number in the body of the message.

Email Policy: We use secure, HIPAA compliant email servers, and we feel confident in our ability to communicate via email while  protecting your private health information. However, third parties may have access to email messages despite our best efforts. You should be aware that some companies consider email corporate property and your messages may be monitored if you communicate from work. Even when emailing from home, you may feel that access to your email is not well controlled, so you should take that into consideration. This office is not responsible for information loss or delay, or for breaches in confidentiality that are due to technical or other factors beyond our control. The use of email to communicate with RMC staff or physicians, or provision of an email address to RMC staff or physicians, is considered tacit acceptance of this method of communication.


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